The National Association of Former United States Attorneys was founded in March 1979. It was established to promote, defend and further the integrity and the preservation of the litigating authority and independence of the office of the United States Attorney as one of the principal instrumentalities through which the President of the United States carries out his constitutional obligation that the laws be faithfully executed. The association also provides a forum for education and continuing professional relationships which have been formed with the Department of Justice and for the exchange of information and professional referrals in the private practice.

An annual conference is held each year which features continuing legal education programs of interest in the areas of federal practice, Department of Justice policies and significant cases. Recent conferences have featured Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, United States Attorney General Eric Holder, former United States Attorney General Janet Reno, Mayor Rudolf Giuliani, and FBI Director Robert Mueller. Other conferences have included U.S. Customs Commissioner Robert Bonner, Governor Frank Keating of Oklahoma and Governor James Thompson of Illinois. And there are regularly interesting panel presentations, such as the prosecutors from the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing cases in Birmingham, attorneys for both Presidential candidates in the 2000 election dispute in Florida, and a presentation by both the prosecutor and defense counsel in the Oklahoma City bombing case.

One of the features of the annual meeting is the presentation of the Association’s Michael Bradford Memorial Award, given to the most outstanding Assistant U.S. Attorney for the current year. The recipient is also the Association’s guest for the meeting and generally makes a presentation in an area of his or her expertise of federal practice.

Membership is open to persons who have served as a United States Attorney pursuant to a presidential commission. Membership is open to former Department of Justice officials who have served pursuant to a Presidential commission and persons who have served as a United States Attorney by court appointment or as an acting United States Attorney by designation from the Attorney General of the United States.

The Association publishes a directory listing all members, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc., biographical information, including educational background, public offices, publications and areas of practice. Such information is maintained on the Association’s website.

The Board of Directors also meets at least one additional time during the year generally with the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee and the Executive Office of the United States Attorneys to discuss matters of common interest.