Flag Presented to Connelly Family

NAFUSA member Bill Hyslop sends the following message:

Jim ConnellyHi Rich:

I wanted to let you know that on behalf of NAFUSA and in honor of former United States Attorney James P. Connelly, we presented the DOJ flag yesterday to Mrs. Connelly and their family.  Mrs. Connelly was joined with three of Jim’s sons, two of their spouses, and one of his granddaughters.  And we had four former U.S. Attorneys and the Acting U.S. Attorney there.  The presentation was in the main conference room at the U.S. Attorney’s office, and many of the AUSAs and staff joined us.  It was truly a wonderful time!


Acting U.S. Attorney Joe Harrington began the program by eulogizing Jim and remembering their working closely together.  James P. Connelly served here in the Eastern District of Washington from 1993 to 2000.  He passed away on February 17, 2017 at 89 years of age, after a long and very illustrious legal career.  Jim’s obituary can be reviewed at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/spokesman/obituary.aspx?pid=184140656   Of interest, his father served as the United States Attorney here in the Eastern District of Washington many years before him.  Attached is a picture of Jim.


Former U.S. Attorneys John Lamp (1981-1991), Jim McDevitt (2001-2010), Mike Ormsby (2010-2017) and I (Bill Hyslop) (1991-1993) each spoke about Jim and his contributions to our justice system, and then we presented the flag to Mrs. Connelly.  The AUSAs and staff members each introduced themselves to the Connelly family; many of them had worked closely with Jim and had great affection and admiration for him.  Mrs. Connelly and their family were all truly touched, and Mrs. Connelly was so pleased to be able to visit with many in the office who Jim had worked closely with while he was the United States Attorney.


It was a wonderful way to remember Jim and his service to our country.  Thank you to NAFUSA for arranging for the flag to be flown over DOJ and for your help in making this memorable presentation possible.

Mike Ormsby, Jim, McDevitt, Mrs. James P. Connelly, Bill Hyslop, John Lamp, Joe Harrington