Ken Sukhia is Running for Congress

Ken Sukhia

NAFUSA member Ken Sukhia is running for Congress in Florida’s 2nd Congressional District. In a letter signed by NAFUSA members Mike McKay, Jack Selden, Guy Lewis, John Smietanka, Joe Whitley, Mike Norton and Greg Miller, they write:

As an AUSA and as United States Attorney for Northern Florida, Ken had a reputation as a firm but fair prosecutor who ran a mature and highly productive office.  In the private sector, he fought in both state and federal court to successfully defend Florida’s school voucher program, Florida’s Parental Notification of Abortion Act and Florida’s law regulating payments to and from lobbyists.  He has represented two of Florida’s Governors and served as President George W. Bush’s federal trial counsel in the 2000 recount battle.  Ken was also an advisor to the Florida legal team in the first case challenging the Affordable Care Act.


We all know Ken for his humor and his winsome personality, but he also has a heart to do right by our country and to stand up for the principles that made our country great. We know Ken will go to Washington to fight every day for the principles we all hold dear.

Sukhia’s campaign received a boost with the “wholehearted endorsement” of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, who said, “Ken and I fought shoulder-to-shoulder as fellow U.S. Attorneys in South Alabama and North Florida enforcing our immigration laws and prosecuting violent criminals and narco-terrorists.”

Learn more at Ken’s website.