Dan Webb To Review Chicago’s Law Department

Dan Webb

Dan Webb

The Chicago Tribune reported today that NAFUSA member Dan Webb has been retained by the Chicago Law Department to examine how the department handles police shootings and defends the city against claims of excessive force.

Webb’s agreement with the city allows him to not only make suggestions for improving policies and procedures but also to refer cases of possible misconduct to the city inspector. Webb told the Tribune: “I can go in and they have to provide me with any and all information…to kind of tear apart their practices and procedures.”

Last week a federal judge accused two city attorneys of misconduct for concealing evidence in a civil case involving the fatal shooting by the police of a black man. The Justice Department has also announced a larger investigation into the Chicago police force.

Webb is co-chairman of Winston & Strawn and served as United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois 1981-1985, where he spearheaded the “Operation Greylord” investigations into judicial corruption in Cook County, Ill. One of the nations’s top experts on internal investigations, Webb served on a panel on the subject at NAFUSA’s Atlanta conference in 2012. Webb is also representing Ferguson, Missouri in its dealing with the Department of Justice investigation into its police department. Webb has agreed to represent the Chicago Law Department at an hourly rate of $295, an exceptional discount from his usual rate of $1,335.