Conservatives Post Statement of Principles on Crime

In a project of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, in partnership with the American Conservative Union Foundation and Justice Fellowship, over 70 of the most influential figures in the national conservative movement, including several members of NAFUSA, have published “Right On Crime”, a Statement of Principles.

In the preamble, The Statement states:

Conservatives are known for being tough on crime, but we must also be tough on criminal justice spending. That means demanding more cost-effective approaches that enhance public safety. A clear example is our reliance on prisons, which serve a critical role by incapacitating dangerous offenders and career criminals but are not the solution for every type of offender. And is some instances, they have the unintended consequence of hardening nonviolent, low-risk offenders- making them a greater risk to the public than when they entered.


Click here to read the Right on Crime: Statement of Principles and a list of the signatories.