NAFUSA Editor Takes Break

St. Basil's Cathedral

In case you noticed that the posts have been few and far between this month, the reason is that Executive Director Rich Rossman, along with his wife, Patty, and former Executive Director Ron Woods and his wife, Patty, visited Russia for a two week river cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Any pre-trip concerns about the impact of the increased tensions over the Ukraine were quickly forgotten in touring this great and wonderful country. As Winston Churchill once said, “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”



Your editor, however, is now back to work. I hope I haven’t missed any important news. Please feel free to email any member news that should be shared.


Rich & Patty Rossman, Ron and Patty Woods on the Moscow River

Rich & Patty Rossman, Ron & Patty Woods on the Moscow River, May 19, 2014