Don Stern Defends Plea Deal Underlying the Whitey Bulger Case

AMI Don Stern photo

NAFUSA President-Elect Don Stern published an OpEd piece in today’s Boston Globe, wherein he discusses the recent conviction of James “Whitey” Bulger, the infamous Boston mobster whose violent crimes were committed during a 25-year reign of terror. Stern was the US Attorney at the time of Bulger’s indictment and the US Attorney who approved the Martorano plea agreement in 1999 which led to the prosecution of Bulger and Stephen Flemmi. Underlying the Bulger trial was the corrupt relationship Bulger had with law enforcement.

Click here to read Stern’s OpEd piece: Plea deals: A necessary evil

Stern is a managing director, corporate monitoring at Affiliated Monitors, one of NAFUSA’s 2013 sponsors, and an attorney with Yurko, Salvesen & Remzstern. He was the United States Attorney in Massachusetts, 1992-2001.