NJL’s Top 100 Includes 5 NAFUSA Members

The National Law Journal today published its list of “The 100 Most Influential Lawyers in America”, which included five members of NAFUSA: Patrick Fitzgerald, Theodore Olson, Anton Valukas, Dan Webb and Mary Jo White.

In announcing its selections, the NLJ said:

The National Law Journal has selected 100 lawyers who shape the legal world through their work in the courtroom, at the negotiating table, in the classroom or in government. They have taken on major legal battles and orchestrated the biggest corporate deals. They’ve tackled unpopular causes and helped run giant corporations.

The lawyers here were chosen by the NLJ’s editors, aided by nominations from the legal community and research by our reporting staff. We asked several key questions to help judge the influence of lawyers profiled: How deep were their political connections?; what kind of results did they achieve for clients?; how far and how effective was their media reach?; have they been business leaders?; are they thought leaders on important legal issues? (Icons indicate the qualities we feel the lawyers best embody.)

We limited selections in a few ways, focusing on accomplishments since 2006, the last time we published the 100 Most Influential Lawyers list. Judges weren’t eligible, nor were members of Congress or the president. This list is for practicing attorneys, members of the legal academy and officials in law-centric government positions (elected or otherwise). Our goal, in the end, was to identify members of law’s power elite.

Click here to see the full list of names.