NAFUSA Board Meets on Mackinac Island

The Spring meeting of the NAFUSA board of directors was held at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan on June 9, 2012. Pictured above standing on the porch of the Grand: President Elect Jay Stephens, Executive Director Rich Rossman and Patty Rossman, Melissa Orwig and Secretary Matt Orwig, Vice President Don Stern, Chuck Stevens, Paul Coggins, President Rick Deane, Fondation President Mike McKay and Nanci McKay, Tom Maroney, Jim Brady, Hal Hardin, Terry Flynn, Patty Woods and Ron Woods and Bart Daniel.

Seated: Cathy Brady, Ann Stevens, Cindy Daniel, Mary Kay Maroney, Erica Stern and Regina Montoya. Present but not pictured: Jack Selden and Don Foster.

President Rick Deane welcomed the board to Mackinac Island and announced the planning for the annual conference to be held in Atlanta on October 11-13, 2012. The current plans can be viewed on the NAFUSA website  which will be updated regularly. The conferences would not be possible without the sponsors. GreenbergTraurig, Perkins Coie, Jones Day and Cooley have signed up to be 2012 sponsors. Additional sponsors are expected. President Elect Jay Stephens announced that the 2013 conference will be held in on September 26-28 in Washington, DC. Vice President Don Stern advised that the 2014 conference will be in Boston.

Jack Selden reported on membership. NAFUSA currently has 269 active members, including 42 life members and 26 seniors. When a U.S. Attorney leaves office, NAFUSA will extend an invitation to join, and the dues are waived for the first year. Selden also encouraged reaching out to former Department of Justice officials who have served pursuant to a Presidential commission, who are eligible for full membership.

President Deane had appointed a process committee, co-chaired by Don Stern and Ron Woods to review how NAFUSA should handle requests to the organization to take positions on public issues. The board adopted the recommendations outlined by the committee in  NAFUSA Policy Committee Report:

1. NAFUSA was founded as a non-partisan organization, to promote, defend, and further the integrity and the preservation of the litigating authority and independence of the Office of the United States Attorney.

2. Any public position taken by NAFUSA (which would include public statements, letters, or other written or oral expressions on behalf of NAFUSA) should be on an issue which furthers these objectives. Public positions on more general issues of the administration of justice are not likely to be considered.

3. It is expected that public positions will be taken rarely, and only for compelling reasons and when there appears to be general consensus of the membership, having in mind the collegial and non-partisan nature of NAFUSA.

4. Such public positions will be authorized by a super-majority vote of the Board (75% of those eligible to vote). Votes may be taken by phone or email ballot.

5. This policy is not intended to restrict the ability of any individual member of NAFUSA, including officers and directors, to take personal and public positions on any issue, including controversial issues. If necessary, every effort should be made to make clear that the member is not representing or speaking on behalf of NAFUSA.

The board met on Saturday morning. More photos of the Mackinac conference are posted on the website and can be accessed at NAFUSA Spring Board Meeting June 9, 2012